Because everything is better with wine..

Tonight is a night I’m really looking forward to. A supper night with the girls.

And when I say “with the girls”, I really mean, with two of the most amazing women I know.

University for me was all about the education. I wasn’t out to make friends. I would go to campus, go to class, go to work and go home. I was, however, lucky enough to make two great friends through it all. Two women who are beautifully different from me but still have so many of the same values as I do (I guess that’s what happens when you are all Women’s and Gender Studies focused). And even though we have been graduated for awhile, the three of us like to meet up for supper once a month (unfortunately it doesn’t always turn out to be that often, but hey, that’s life). We sit around talking about our lives and world issues and I always walk away feeling happy and inspired. My role in these dinners? I bring the wine!

I feel like it would be beneficial for me to take a class about wine. How to pair meals with the perfect wines would be great to know. I’ve only started to enjoy drinking wine over the last couple of years and there is so much to know – I really wing it most of the time. Luckily I’ve come to know one guy in the LC by my place over the years, and he usually helps me out.

Let’s hope he’s working tonight – I have to get wine to go with Greek food tonight!

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