Dancing Angel.

I’ve been going through my old poetry. I haven’t written poetry in a long while now, but the poetry I wrote growing up is important to me. It gives a glimpse into the past. The person I used to be. And it shows growth. The poetry – there’s a lot of sadness. But I was a different person. But It’s still a part of me. So I’m going to start sharing theses writings. There aren’t my best writings, I was a beginner back then. But they have meaning to me. I hope you like them. This one is called Dancing Angel.

She spins around the room-
Dizzy, but never falls down.
She’s beautiful, an angel
in her heels and flowing white gown.
Always spinning in these circles-
Her release, her hearts dance.
Her dress is stained with her troubles
Hoping the world will give her a chance.
People stand all around,
watching from afar.
Never getting too close
to this beautiful but troubled star.
She tries to stay on her feet,
trying to be strong.
This is her only strength,
something she’ll do the whole day long.
But once everyone goes home,
her tears start to fall.
No one’s there to watch her dance-
she has no strength at all.

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