…Workin’ 9 to 5, just tryna make a livin’…

Retail can be hard sometimes.  Constantly having to deal with people who have no respect for you because you work in a store where they spend their money. You’re there to make them happy and nothing more. And if you follow policy when doing returns or exchanges, but the result is that they don’t get their way, you’re the asshole who is out to ruin their day.

“Well I’ll never shop here again then!” was the response I received when I refused to refund several pairs of panties that a woman had bought more than a week before. She seemed to ignore that we say such items are a final sale, and she didn’t even have a receipt! It’s hard not to let people like that ruin my good mood sometimes – but when people are yelling at me for something I can’t change, it’s frustrating.

I work at a lingerie store. And there are 10 times more good moments than bad. I love my job more than I’ve ever loved a job before. But there’s just those odd times I question why I choose to be in retail.

I have a great staff though. So many girls that I’ve gotten used to seeing 40 hours a week. They are fantastic, fun and crazy just like me. We have dance parties and share crazy stories, and it’s a great little family. Sometimes I have a little anxiety over being management though. When I know there is a lot to be done, and I feel like I’m running out of time. Or when I have to reprimand a staff member for inappropriate behaviors or practices. Those times aren’t my favorite. But I love my job.

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