Secret Millionaire, Domestic Violence, and my emotional evening

Tonight I decided to watch the show “Secret Millionaire”. This episode happened to be about a man whose close friend and employee was a victim of domestic violence and was murdered. This made the issue of domestic violence close to his heart, so he went undercover to a non-profit organisation ran by survivors of violence. Needless to say, the episode was full of emotion and made me very emotional as well.

The topic of violence was one that really led me towards my Women’s and Gender Studies degree. I took a couple of courses based around violence and I found myself very emotional. Very heartbroken. And very angry.

There are many people close to me who have been victims of all forms of violence. I have seen it first hand. And it is really quite sickening.

With the topic of domestic violence on my mind, I’ve been flipping through all kinds of my old course readings. Here are a couple of facts/quotes that stuck out to me.

Did you know that approximately 1/3 of all women have been kicked, hit or punched, choked or otherwise physically assaulted by a spouse or partner in their lifetime?

Did you know that a woman is more likely to be assaulted, injured, raped, or killed by a male partner than by any other type of assailant?

Did you know that an estimated 70 percent of women are turned away from shelters because of overcrowding?

Skimming through my old course readings not only made me long for the classroom again, but it made me sad. It’s so emotionally overwhelming that this is even an issue.

I like to consider myself a caring and kind person. Reading these personal stories, thinking of the stories my friends and family have to share, it is heart wrenching. It hurts to think about how many people out there are capable of hurting another person. I could not imagine harming another person like that.

Now, I am making myself sound a little uneducated and emotionally driven by this post. Trust me, I could have an educated conversation on what drives a person to be a perpetrator of domestic violence. I have studied it all for years.

But tonight I’m having an emotional “I can’t believe this is happening” type of night.

Just thought I’d ramble a little this evening. That’s all for now..

1 thought on “Secret Millionaire, Domestic Violence, and my emotional evening

  1. I just so happened to have seen my 1st episode of this show earlier today. It gave me the feeling that I was going to have & needed to have a cry fest, just from the sheer beauty in the message. Then…I was smacked in the face with a concrete block, the episode that you talk about came on….the definition of heavy duty!! After I come back to some point of awareness, I start searching online to try to find some sense outta it all. I found your blog post….all I can say is WOW!! Y don’t u take a gander at this: check out the page I’d created in the name of my older sister who was strangled to death by her ex. It’s called RebeccasVoice & I try to continue the fight against domestic violence that she no longer could…

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