I’m on the road to where I need to be..


Sometimes it is difficult to know when to move on from certain people. Friends. Past loves. Acquaintances. People who are no longer bringing joy to your life. And when you do decide that it is time to move on, it hurts. Sometimes they don’t let you go quietly. Fights start. Texts, tweets – petty little jabs made at your expense. Because in those moments, you’re the bad guy. How dare you think you can leave them behind?! Sometimes in their eyes, everything is fine. The harmful pattern you’ve created together is normal. They don’t realize that you are holding each other back. We can never move forward if we cannot let go of the past, right?

I’m feeling that way today. Someone I thought I would never be able to say goodbye to – I’ve started to make those steps to leave them behind. No longer Facebook friends. Blocked on twitter. Removed their number from my phone. I do not need to have that contact with you anymore, because it can no longer make me happy. Instead, it causes me more stress and pain than anything else. And I need to move on from that to be truly happy in the life I’m building now.

I think that is a lesson we all learn a little too late in life. Just because a person has made an impact on our lives at one point in time does not mean we need to have them in our lives forever. They were in your life for a reason, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes people are meant to be temporary. They are meant to come into your life, create a couple of memories (good and bad), teach lessons, and then leave. And in the long run, we are meant to grow to be grateful for the little time we had together.

Goodbyes are never easy. I know I’ll struggle to keep this distance. I’ll remember the fun times, and want to see how you are doing. But I hope I can keep this strength. Because I know that’s what it’ll take to heal from the stress and pain. And to be happy.

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