Do what you love.. and love what you do <3

One of the best feelings is coming home feeling proud of the day I’ve completed at work. Knowing I’ve made my goals. Feeling confident that the customers I’ve helped have left happy. And seeing my team of girls succeed. It’s fantastic.

Sure, I may just work in retail. But I am an assistant manager in a wonderful store. I help make sure things are running smoothly. I make goals. And I take so much pride in my store. I want everyone to do well. It reflects on everyone if we are not succeeding as a store. And it reflects on our management team if our team of girls are not succeeding.

I used to work in an environment where I hated it. I dreaded going to work everyday. And as soon as I was there – I was counting down until I could finally go home. It was horrible. I never received any type of praise or recognition for the hard work I was doing – so that made me not want to try anymore. And I stayed there for 5 and a half years. It’s too bad. It turned me into such a bitter and hateful person. I can rarely go by there anymore without leaving in an angry, annoyed mood.

So this job is a breath of fresh air. It’s the people. It makes all the difference in the world to work with a great team. And here, I know I’m appreciated.

Tonight I’m going to bed happy. And I know I’ll wake up tomorrow with the same mood – happy, refreshed, and ready to rock another day!

Goodnight, world.

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