That sinking feeling..

So as I finished work today, I grabbed my phone to see multiple texts saying my love was going to the hospital.

Immediately my heart sunk. what happened?

He is a guy whose favourite activities are all on motorized vehicles – cars, snowmobiles, and in today’s case, dirtbikes.

It was part of why I found him so appealing when we met. He was different. He’s talented, and he is one of the only people I feel safe with when I’m taking part in his hobbies.

But today, it was different. He was showing off. Being stupid. And he paid for it.

I’m so grateful that he is okay, and only walked away with a concussion and broken collar bone.

It could have been so much worse. But what today showed is what I always thought to be true… I would be lost without him. I don’t know what I would do if anything were to take him from me. I don’t want to even think about that. I can’t handle to see him hurt.

Sigh. So glad he’s okay. Now to count down… One more week until I see him. And until I can bring him home to me.

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