I’ve started to do it already, ignore my blog. Whoops!

This is usually what happens. I start blogging, writing in a journal. And then one thing happens. Distracts me. And then I become lazy about it. “I’ll go on tomorrow”. But I never do. Day after day. Until I can’t remember my password and user name. So I move on from it completely.

But not this time! I’m back to try and rescue my blog. I won’t forget about you this time. No way. Time to get back to writing daily! Twice a day! Whatever I feel necessary!

Because I need writing. I need a release. A way to vocalize my thoughts and maybe sleep a little easier each night. (Hey, an active mind makes it difficult to fall asleep for me most nights. Too many things to ponder!)

So here we go. Let’s start this again.

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