It’s been occurring to me, I’d like to hang out with you for my whole life…

Today I’m feeling very positive.

It’s my day off. I was able to stay in bed until I WANTED to get up. The sun is out. And now I’m sitting here with a big cup of coffee while I watch “Eat St.” (I love watching any show related to food). I get to relax today, and this evening cook something delicious for my love.

It’s a good day. I love when I have two days off together. If I’m not sick, those days off are filled with doing what I love – spending time with my love. Cooking for him. Movie nights. Just enjoying our life together. He’s a good catch. He’s goofy, and can make me laugh even when I’m mad. He’s laid back, and can calm me down when I’m having my typical over-emotional responses to…well, everything in life. And there is nothing better than to wake up to him smiling at me.

Feeling very lucky today.

Now time to figure out my menu for tonight!

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