Writing topics for the week.

So, I am constantly seeing these “themes” pop up on instagram:

Memory Mondays, Transformation Tuesdays, Woman crush Wednesdays, Throwback Thursdays, Flashback Fridays… just to name a few.

I know, I know. These can be very annoying to certain users. Some people view Instagram as a “in the moment” type of app – we don’t need pictures of the past flooding our newsfeeds. And I get it. But there is one positive of apps like this – you don’t HAVE to follow someone if you don’t like what they are posting.

Looking at these hashtags, I started thinking about the ones I enjoy seeing, and the ones that I could see myself expanding on for a blog post.

Now I’d like some feedback.

I thought a couple of topics that might work for me as a weekly writing topic could be:

Woman Crush Wednesdays – where I would choose a different woman each week who inspires me, or interests me. Women in my life, women who have made contributions to our history. To Women’s Rights.

Throwback Thursdays OR Memory Mondays – I’d do one of those topics, and each week feature a part of my past that has changed me. Impacted me. Meant something to me.

Keep in mind – this blog is simply a place for me to write my thoughts. I’m not trying to be a professional blogger. I’m not trying to change the world with these writings. I’m just simply trying to use it as a release. A creative outlet for myself. Nothing more. Nothing less.

I just thought I’d try to bring some routine to my posts.

Feedback welcome 🙂

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