Nothin like waking up to that face.


Welcome to my mornings. And I mean every morning. This is Sampson. He is my 6 year old cat, who I adopted from the humane society when he was 9 months old.


He’s a special cat. And one of the most loving cats I’ve ever met. He wants nothing more than to be by your side.


And his best friend is our bunny, Lulu.

I think rescued animals know that you rescued them. They know their alternative could have been much worse. And they are extremely grateful for the rest of their life. There’s just something in the way they respond to you that makes me believe that.

I couldn’t imagine not having Sam. He’s like my child. And nothing loves you more unconditionally than a pet.

Just thought I would share my special guy with all of you.

Any pet lovers out there? 🙂

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