Homesick, and a little of that other kind of sick.

Today I’m feeling very homesick. And just sick in general, actually.

I love the fall. It’s my favorite season. It’s not too warm, not too cold. The trees change color, the air is fresh and crisp feeling. The only thing I don’t like? I always get sick. (Thanks for giving me an immune system like you, mom).

Today is one of two of my days off. I’m at home, laying on the couch feeling sick, and lonely, and wishing I could go to my hometown for the night just to get some family time.

If it wasn’t a 3 and a half drive, I probably would be on the road now. But the last thing I want to do is drive.

Being sick sucks. I can’t breathe. My head feels like it’s going to explode. I can’t stop coughing. And I’m hungry, but no food here will make me feel better.

If I was home, my mom would know what to give me to make me feel better. And she’d surely give me some of her new teas to soothe my sore throat. (My mom has her own tea business – yum!)

Two more years. That’s what I keep telling myself. Two more years until I’m close to everyone again. Two more years and then we can get out of this city, buy a place out in the country and start the life I want. House always full of family. That’s what I want.

Sigh. I’m feeling like a big suck today.

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