Woman Crush Wednesday: Christina Aguilera

Okay, I said I was posting this one a day late. I still don’t feel well, but here it is.

This week’s woman crush? It has to be:

Christina Aguilera

This woman is someone who I have loved since the beginning of her music career. She is such a talented woman, and it’s been interesting to see her grow up and transform throughout the years. We all remember the young Christina Aguilera – during the “genie in a bottle” days:

Look how young she is!

And then there were her “Dirty” days:

She has changed her look so many times, and through every “phase” I have found her absolutely beautiful. Sure, she has a reputation for being a bit of a diva, and maybe even a little bit of a bitch. But one thing you cannot deny is that she has a tremendous talent, and one of the best, and strongest voices of her time. I’ve grown up listening to her music, and there are all kinds of her songs that have moved me. Meant something to me. Songs that I’ve related to.

Songs like, Fighter, Hurt, Beautiful, Can’t Hold us Down, I Am, and, You Lost Me, are all songs I truly enjoy. You can give her songs and albums a listen to on her website (click here).


She has been ridiculed in the media for having gained weight as well. And yes, she did put on some weight. But have you seen her? She’s still a smokeshow. And hey, she had a child – that’s what happens sometimes!! Everyone is different. But having a child changes your body. People can be so rude. I hate the way society places the importance on THINNESS in relation to beauty.


Even at her heaviest days, she was still drop dead gorgeous. And I commend her for rocking it the way she did when so many people were being so hard on her.

She’s also giving back. She is a spokesperson for “Yum! Brands World Hunger Relief” (and you can read more about that, and watch the PSA’s she’s done by clicking here).

I will continue to follow her throughout her career, and as of right now, I am rooting for her team on season 5 of the Voice (it’s only a couple of episodes in, but she has some of my favorite performers so far!)

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