Tired ramblings.

I’ve been really trying to get myself on here to write more often. When I get home from work each day I tell myself “you should really write a post or two” but I just. can’t. do. it.

I’m exhausted. Everyday there’s been work things to sort out. The head honchos flew in this week and it’s been sort of stressful. They are looking at everything we do. Everything. And it’s been discouraging, because I knew they would find fault in certain things – when our team is really trying so hard. Of course, you don’t want the big boss to think badly of you or think that you aren’t doing your job. So it’s been a week of really trying to be on our game. And prove we take pride in our work. And let me tell you, coming in on my day off to schmooze with them, and sitting in a meeting/workshop for 9 hours on another day – it’s tiring.

And this weekend, stress continues. Not because they bosses are still here. No. It’s because we have ALOT of work to get done. And have to get everything ready for inventory on Monday (which I am working overnight, yaaay).

Luckily I have Tuesday and Wednesday off. I can sleep then.


Happy Saturday, everyone.

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