*Punk Rock and Flashbacks*

Okay, I’ll admit it.

I need to get better at writing consistently. I used to LOVE writing. I used to crave it. I needed it. And then I began to push it aside until it wasn’t even a thought anymore.

But I miss it.

This morning I was woken up by a Snapchat from a person from my past. The Snapchat contained an old picture, a happy one. With that picture I was flooded with flashbacks. Emotions.

And I welcomed them.

So, over coffee, I opened up a VERY old blog from my teenage years. That blog contained raw emotion. Dark writings. But there was an overwhelming honesty in it. I miss writing that way. Whatever came to mind. I wouldn’t overthink it. I would just type. The things that came out could bring you to tears. But it was beautiful in all its sadness.

Anyway, as I read it, filled with confessions, poetry, quotes, lyrics from favorite songs, I started listening to my old favorite songs. Back from when I was a little too “punk rock” for my own good. And I found myself still “rocking out” to these songs whose lyrics hit a little too close to home.

I don’t regret the person I was. Nope. Instead today, I embrace it. Today, I’m going to enjoy the flashbacks.

Hey, I might even embrace the old look (a little more black eyeliner than one person needs). And hey, why not rock the attitude too?

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