Life and love are not friends of mine.

I have known what it feels like to have it all fall apart. At least I thought I knew until this all happened.

Now it really and truly is.

I screwed up. Made a bad decision. And as a consequence, I am on the brink of losing the love of my life. My forever is no longer forever. And it’s all my fault.

I’ve never felt a heartache quite like this. The pain of knowing I’ve hurt the one person I never wanted to ever hurt. Knowing that I did this without intention is gut wrenching. As I know he cannot see the truth in my words. All he sees is the pain I caused.

How do you fix what seems to be unfixable? This answer is something I am in desperate need of.

All I feel is heartbreak, yet I have to pull it together and take the day on with a smile.

Life is not my friend right now, and love is not in my corner either.

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