Love and a couple of questions. 

so to the wonderful people who follow my blog (you are all very wonderful, I hope you know) I would like to pose these questions to you right now (and I really hope you will share your thoughts):

I am a firm believer that there are different types of love, and never the same love twice. Some are passionate and emotional. Some are safe and predictable. What is the “right” type of love for you? What makes love a forever thing? How do you know when you’ve found it?

As you might know from reading my blog (if anyone really reads it often) I am very much driven by love in everything I do and everything I am. I am an emotional creature. And love has got to be the most wonderous, yet confusing things to me. 

I find myself dealing with self reflection tonight and I’m hoping you’ll share your insight. We are all, after all, on here to share our words, are we not? So please, I ask you to share your thoughts with me tonight. 

Much love.

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