Dark days, Pinterest and reminders of what matters. 

Dark days. That’s what I call them. 

The days when my depression or anxiety sneak up on me. The days where I just cannot control the sadness. 

Those days, they are always unexpected. Unexplainable feelings that take over. Joys of mental illness, am I right?

Quotes have always helped me. Quotes and music. They help me describe the feelings. Define them. Work through them. 

It’s amazing how someone else’s words can make so much sense to you, and be so applicable to your own life. 

My best friend gets that. And oh, Pinterest is just the place to find those perfect quotes. Sometimes my best friend and I go weeks without seeing each other. With our work schedules being opposite (she works nights, I work days) it gets tough to make plans work without one of us being completely deprived of sleep. But something that keeps us connected between each visit is those quotes on Pinterest. 

Simple reminders we are thinking of each other. Gentle pats on the back when one of us is struggling with something. A beautiful reminder of what’s important. And of the support we share. 

Dark days are hard. But those simple reminders are sometimes all I need to see a little light. 

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