Unwanted. Undesirable. Unsure. Unsettled. Insecure. Unbalanced. 

Trying to fix a relationship after a falling out is not easy. And right now, the hurt is still fresh. 

I hate that it had the power to make me feel these things.

I want nothing more than to make things better. Feel that confidence and security again. 

I love him. 

How do you get there? Not overnight, that’s for sure. And that’s just what it is, still fresh. No more than a day technically from our reconciliation. 

Don’t let your anxiety ruin this. 

Breathe, give it time. Don’t over think things. Stop overanalysing everything. That’s what I keep telling myself. 

How do I vocalize my concerns without coming across as some “crazy girl” (oh how I loathe stereotypes). 

My emotions are valid. 

I just hate feeling these things. 

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